• NOV 26 2014
    Sam Pilgrim's MTB FAILS
    After doing hundreds of videos which have been watched over 4 million times just on the Youtube Sam Pilgrim decided to do a different style of video for a change.   He found the best/worst crashes of Youtube and made this compilation. This was a tester, if it goes good he will ...
  • NOV 25 2014
    Sam Pilgrim's giveaway countdown
    Sam Pilgrim's giveaway just got insane. Only 4 more days to enter and have a chance to win one of the three amazing prize bundles. More info on how to enter below on Official Sam Pilgrim Page....
  • NOV 20 2014
    NS Bikes Analog
    The Analog is an urban fixed gear bike that will let you fly across the city with speed and let you throw in some style too! Jump some curbs, throw in a barspin here and there and make your daily commute something to remember.  The Analog has proved to be a good balance between a c...
  • NOV 20 2014
    Sam Pilgrim's new ride
    Sam Pilgrim just passed his coach driving test and it looks like there is no turning back from the Sam Pilgrim's Bangers Tour now! 2015 is going to be legendary. Stay tuned for more and follow Official Sam Pilgrim Page.     // Post u┼╝ytkownika Official Sam Pilgrim Pa...
  • NOV 20 2014
    Video: Dylan Papazian-Clare 2014
    Inspiring video for all you young guns out there! Dylan rockin' it for LamaCycles Distribution / NS Bikes. As promised, here is Dylan's 2014 video!   As we've mentioned, we're super stoked to see that he had loads of fun and progressed so much on his bike this ye...
  • NOV 20 2014
    NS Eccentric - Can a hardtail be Enduro?
    Can a hardtail be Enduro? In order to find out the ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine crew left their usual bikes at home for a few weeks and rode the NS Bikes Eccentric instead - the trails, of course, stayed the same. Find out more at ENGLISH |&nb...
  • NOV 19 2014
    Sam Pilgrim's bunnyhop tail whip at 480 FPS
    Watch bunnyhop tail whip in 480 FPS straight from Sam Pilgrim....
  • NOV 18 2014
    Dylan's new video dropping tomorrow
    Check out this massive barspin from Dylan's new video! We're super stoked to see that our NS Bikes / LamaCycles Distribution rider had loads of fun and progressed so much on his bike this year! His video will be dropping for you guys later today, so don't miss out!...
  • NOV 18 2014
    NS Fuzz 2 - First look on Pinkbike
    The first look our 2015 NS Bikes Fuzz 2 has just landed on Pinkbike. The Fuzz 2 is built using a careful selection of components and offers great quality at a very competitive price. The package includes Marzocchi 888 forks and a high end DH specific NS cockpit with the...
  • NOV 17 2014
    Sam Pilgrim's Instavids - Sept/Nov
    Sam Pilgrim (Official Sam Pilgrim Page) just made an Instagram compilation edit. Enjoy it!...





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  • Sam Pilgrim's bunnyhop tail whip at 480 FPS
  • Sam Pilgrim's bunnyhop tail whip at 480 FPS
  • Sam Pilgrim's Instavids - Sept/Nov
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